Desgraciado en el juego, afortunado en amores.

Meaning: If you are unlucky at games of chance or gambling you will no doubt be lucky in love. Proverbs and Sayings.

I have also heard this said in Spain, the other way around (ie. unlucky in love, fortunate at gambling).

It is often said to console those on a losing streak, whether in love or at games of some sort. Usually said with a hint of dry humour.

If this is so, then I’m owed a financial windfall….


3 thoughts on “Desgraciado en el juego, afortunado en amores.

    • It would have to depend on what stage you are in your life I think. By the way, really like the way you keep adding charts/ graphs, etc to your posts. you keep them really fresh and interesting. Nice!

      • I think love is a gamble at the start. You never know what will happen until you jump into the pool of love. You can’t be dipping your toes in, sometimes you need to dive in. 🙂
        Thanks for the kind comments, I’m trying to enjoy the blogging experience where ever it takes me.

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